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Coronavirus Updates




Club House and Registered Office: 4 Abbey Terrace
Ramsey, Huntingdon
Cambs., PE26 1DD

E-mail: [email protected] Website WWW.ramseyclub.co.uk

Judith Bailey
Office Manager
Telephone: (01487) 812600

Fax: (01487) 815746


September 9th 2020

Dear members,


It is nearly a month since my last update and I am pleased to report that the club has

continued to benefit on a range of fronts so a hearty and, repeated, “HURRAH” is

certainly appropriate.

Financially, August proved to continue the trend that we have been enjoying over

recent months in that we have continued to attract new members and visitors and,

as I have previously mentioned, I am in no doubt that the club’s welcoming nature is

a major element of our success. To date, since the start of lockdown, the club has

attracted a total of 85 new members !!

We continue to enjoy the good weather and I am extremely pleased that the

outdoor deck has proved to be very popular.

Over the last few weeks it was great to be able to stage a variety of membership

based events such as the deck opening day and various golf and bowls, covid safe,

matches which have all proved very popular and I want to express my gratitude to all

those members who, firstly, entered them and, secondly, who stepped forward to

make them the success they were.

Today I am sure that many members will have listened to Boris outlining the new

measures being introduced from Monday September 14th based around his “rule of

6”. I have already contacted Golf England asking for clarification as to where that

leaves us for matches and societies and I ask all members to continue to adhere to

the social distancing measures that we all need to.

This coming weekend the bowls side have their finals weekend and I have been

successful in getting into a number of finals which will remove me from the bar

operation for parts of the weekend. Members will have seen the dependency on

volunteers at the weekend and there is no doubt in my mind that limiting people

from the clubhouse and delivering food and beverages to the seating area is the

safest approach for everyone on site so I would ask members to be slightly more

patient this weekend if the delivery times, with one or two members not being

available , are a little delayed. We have recruited some additional help but there may

be times where delays occur.

Registered in England No.185931 VAT Registration 120 7171 13



As with previous weekends Sarah will be on site working, in her bubble, in the

kitchen with the volunteers delivering her culinary delights to the deck. Sarah’s

special this weekend will be lasagne and salad and, for those like me with a sweet

tooth, victoria sandwich.

Lastly I want to take the opportunity to thank all those members who continue to

step forward and volunteer on a range of activities across the club. There is no doubt

that volunteering is an integral part of our success and without their efforts the club

would certainly not be enjoying such positive results.

Best Wishes

Richard Coles
Chairman, Ramsey Golf and Bowls Club

Registered in England No.185931 VAT Registration 120 7171 13