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Club House and Registered Office: 4 Abbey Terrace
Ramsey, Huntingdon
Cambs., PE26 1DD

E-mail: [email protected] Website WWW.ramseyclub.co.uk

Judith Bailey
Office Manager
Telephone: (01487) 812600

Fax: (01487) 815746


July 9th

Dear members,


The weather last weekend helped towards making our first weekend with the bar

open run very smoothly and after some fairly wet weather this week we are again

hopeful of better weather this coming weekend.

We had a large society on Sunday who were extremely happy with the welcome and

service that we provided, so much so that they have booked the same event next

year. Societies of this size provide very welcome and material revenue for the club

which benefits all members and, better still, some of these visitors took away

application forms.

We will be arranging filled rolls again this weekend as it proved successful last

weekend and these will be available in the pro shop, starters hut and bar.

One change to the procedures for ordering drinks for this weekend will be for

members and visitors to place their drinks order with the team at the starters hut

who will radio the orders up to the bar and the bar team will then deliver the drinks

to the seating area - this arrangement reduces footfall within the club house and, as

such, is far better than asking members/visitors to come up to the bar.

Alan Mawhinney generously arranged for the club house to be “fogged” last Friday

which provides a higher level of protection by spraying a sanitising agent which

reaches areas that may be difficult to clean with other techniques

for which I am

very grateful. Given the additional protection the club has invested in one of these

fogging machine to improve the safety of all within the clubhouse.

Work has started this week on the raised platform for the outdoor seating area with

the project expected to be completed later in the month. Once completed this will

be a real feature for the club and we are already looking towards other

improvements to that area which could include a second practice net kindly funded

by our Past Captain Steve Bradley and rethinking the chipping and putting greens.

To off-set the loss of parking spaces in the bottom car park we have been looking at

how we could optimise the parking in the gravel and tarmac car parks. The current

thinking is that there is a real opportunity to make better use of the gravel car park

without significant alteration - removal of the central hedge would certainly help

increase the available space but if we could achieve a near similar increase without

Registered in England No.185931 VAT Registration 120 7171 13


losing the central hedge it would be far better and greener. To this end I have

designed a parking format for the gravel car park for this weekend which I would

appreciate members trialling which will entail only using the entrance near the

bungalow for the gravel car park and also adopting a one way system. I have

attached two pictures to illustrate how the car parking will be organised and would

ask the first arrival to park at 45 degrees to the roadside hedge in space number 1 by

driving in through the entrance, straight ahead and all the way around the car park

almost back to the entrance/exit to space 1. Similarly for the second arrival to space

2 etc etc. Once spaces 1 - 43 are full, picture 2 will apply where spaces 44 - 49 will

come into use which should still allow a passage down by the central hedge. This

arrangement will mean that the gap between the two lines of parked cars on the

road side of the car park will be quite narrow but with cars parked at an angle to the

hedges it should result in those parked being able to reverse out of their slots

making exit easier but still following the one way system around the car park. Weather permitting, I will be painting lines on the gravel and fencing to make

parking easier and the hope is that we will be able to fit more cars within the car

park to reduce the overspill onto the road but it will only work if members embrace

the proposed system but please regard this as a trial and let me know your thoughts

and we will continue to review it and make changes.

I am hopeful that, as it is generally the same members that go out early at the

weekend, we may be able to make it work but if not we may find that it is necessary

to remove the central hedge and/or thin out the hedge by the road to create more


In the tarmac car park there are already lines painted for spaces around the sides

and I would ask that members access the spaces to the back of the bowls and

snooker rooms from the tarmac car park entrance and, when these spaces are filled

four further spaces will be available in the roadway between the tarmac and gravel

car parks which will mean that, once parked, there will be no transit possible

between the two car parks but this should not be necessary and the benefit of four

further spaces is worth the limitation.

There should be space down the middle of the tarmac car park for additional spaces

and we will be painting lines but probably not for this weekend.

I will be in the bar on Saturday and Sunday and if there are cars parked on the main

road, making exit difficult I will be happy to be an exit warden and I will be

wandering around to see how the arrangements have worked, diagram in hand.

Diagram has been sent but format not supported by website, please speak to Richard for copy.

Best Wishes

Richard Coles
Chairman, Ramsey Golf and Bowls Club

Registered in England No.185931 VAT Registration 120 7171 13