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Rink Bookings

Book you rink here

You will need to register and once approved as a paid-up member you will be able to book rinks

The following booking guidelines are to be followed. 

1.  You are allowed to book a rink for a social game of bowls a week ahead of the date you want.

2.  League, County and Club Competition bookings can be made forward once you know when you can play.

3.   League & Friendly entres will be made by the appropriate Captain, who will not list players but will keep records of who plays in each   game.

4.  If more than one County Competition is on in the same time slot then book your next preferred rink.  Nearer the time of play discuss with the other members who have made a County booking their preferred rink.  If more than one of you wish for the same rink then you will discuss when and how to draw for the rinks.  

5. For club competitions the same procedure should be followed as for County bookings.  It might be that a County player wants a rink booking you have made and they will talk to you and take precedence over you. 

6.  The pecking order for rink booking are County, then league and Friendlies, then  Club competitions followed by social games.  

7.  Please add the names of all the players in the additional information box when making bookings unless a singles game (exception rule 3) so we have track and trace and also can check membership status.

8.  Do not always book the same rink or time slot so you get experience on all the rinks and offer the green even wear.